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Data Scientist for Martial Artist, song-writer, professional-google-searcher. Contact me:
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A step by step Fake News detection using BERT, TensorFlow and PyCaret.

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Simple, yet powerful application of Machine Learning for weather forecasting

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A theoretical and beginner-friendly introduction about the Facebook AI & NYU Langone Health challenge that wants to make Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans available in 10 minutes

  1. Challenge Introduction
  2. About Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  3. Machine Learning

1. Introduction

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In the era of “here and now”, taking your time can be the key of a good work

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Demystify image classification and build your Machine Learning models with few lines of code

When we think about “Computer Vision” or we see that the iPhone is able to recognize our face, we freak out.

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Machine Learning techniques to predict the Twitter users’ political orientation

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Identify the colors of your image with few lines of code

1. The image

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Oh my crazy Tottenham…

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Implementing a solitaire simulator and extracting the winning probabilities out of it, with few lines of (Python) codes

Italian guys love playing cards

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Here’s how to use Artificial Intelligence to write a song that doesn’t exist.

But it is possible to write music while coding?


  1. The theory (a small overview)

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